Lash Lift, Keratin Eyelash Treatment, Lash Perm it's all the same. 

A lash lift is a chemical process that is used to change the structure and texture of the lashes. It is a great way to enhance natural lashes for a low maintenance yet dramatic look. I start off by taping the lower lashes down. I apply a silicone shield to the eyelids and fold your lashes onto the shield. This shield is what gives your lashes the desired curl or lift. I apply a lash perming solution for 8-12 minutes. You will not feel any discomfort or irritation because the solution does not get into your eyes. After the 8-12 minutes I will apply another solution for 8-10 minutes to ensure the perm sets. It is this final step in the lash lifting process that holds the curl for 6-8 weeks.

It is possible and recommended to do a lash tint after the perm is completed. Even if you have naturally dark lashes the tint adds definition to the lashes to give it a bold or “mascara” look.

Lash lifts are ideal for:

1. Clients who are looking for dramatic results with low maintenance

2.Clients who are sensitive to strip lash glue

3.Clients who are happy with their natural lashes

4.Clients who want to add a curl to their natural lash as opposed to adding length and volume with eyelash extensions


Aftercare is simple. I recommend the following steps be taken post lash lift:

1. Don’t get lashes wet for 24 hours as this can weaken the curl

2.Don’t sleep with lashes pressed into the pillow as the shape can be affected (for the first 24 hours)

3.Condition lashes with a lash growth serum or castor oil


Lash lifts should last for 6-8 weeks. Even at 8 weeks there are still natural lashes that are curled. These lashes can be re-lifted along with the straight new growth.